5 Easy Tea Inspired Halloween Costumes

Happy October, friends! It is officially time to think about Halloween, and we have some spook-TEA costume ideas to match the season! We know this Halloween may look different but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it! We’ve got the costumes that all of our fellow tea lovers need in their life this October! Incorporate tea into your Halloween costume to show the world just how important tea is to you! 

Grab your best dino outfit and your favorite teacup and Salada blend! Make it your goal to sip from it all night. 

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 2. BeauTEA Queen 
Bring on the tears! Throw on a dress and grab a tiara! Carry around a tea cup and you can even create some tea bag earrings to complete the look!          Via GIPHY

3. Mad Hatter 
It's hard to think of any other character when you are thinking about tea. Grab a top hat and add the signature 10/6 tag. Carry around a teapot and add a bow tie to take it to the next level!         Via GIPHY


4. RoyalTEA 
We all know you're a queen anyways, why not embrace it. Put on your royal garb and carry around the fanciest tea cup you have. Better yet, have a royal subject carry around your tea for you! Live it up.        Via GIPHY


5. Lady LiberTEA 
This one is all about the pose - dress up as the statue of liberty and swap out the torch for a cup of tea! 

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September 29, 2020 — Alicia Avallone