Helpful Tips To Make The Best Of An Unconventional School Year

Students, parents and teachers alike are walking through the beginning of an unconventional school year. Face masks and remote learning are the new normal... it is 2020 after all. Although there is no doubt this school year will hold a new set of changes and challenges, we are ready to set our eyes on the good stuff and we have some helpful tips to help you do it! 

Are you remote learning this year? A huge advantage to remote learning is that you are in control of the "classroom” environment for your child. You have the flexibility at home to implement ways to make your child’s workspace ideal for their needs.  

Did you know you can utilize tea throughout your day to help make the most of your situation? 

  1. Start the day with tea: Sit down at the table with your kids and talk about the day over tea. Talk about your goals and the schedule. Think of it as your morning staff meeting except you get to wear your pajamas and sip on your favorite Salada blends 
  1. Transition from subjects: Remember the days of transitioning from an intense math class to social studies and then straight into science? Remote learning gives you the flexibility to transition from class to class. Need to take a second? Do it with a cup of tea and give yourself and your student room to breathe.  
  1. End the day: When your kitchen table is both your desk and the host of your family dinner it can be hard to detach and transition into relaxation time. This was a lot easier when you could physically separate yourself from school or work but it’s still possible! When school is done, have a cup of tea and talk about the day, this will help transition your family from work time to play time effortlessly. 

Stock up on all your favorite Salada blends this school year! 

Maybe your student is back in school and you are back at work, but things are still different. It’s time to readjust and do our best to create a new normal for ourselves and our kids. A great way to do that is creating a routine and daily habits that you can be in control of and count on.  

  1. Start your day with positive affirmations: Create a family mantra. Short or long, as long as it’s positive and something to hold onto. Examples: “You are in control of your own attitude”, “Do your best nothing less”, “I can make someone else’s day great”, “I’m strong I can handle this day”. 
  1. Don’t miss breakfast: It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and busyness of the school year but if we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a million times... breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Ensuring that you and your family are fueled for the day is so important, along with the consistency of that routine to get them going in the morning.  
  1. Make the weekend something to look forward to: We know weekends tend to get full really fast, but having even something simple and small that you do every weekend for your family to look forward to can change the stride of the week. Maybe it’s pancakes on Saturday morning or a movie before bed on Sunday night. As much as a schedule for everyday life is important, it’s just as important to schedule some fun stuff to keep the brain moving forward when faced with a slump!  
September 11, 2020 — Consumer-Relations Team