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Deliciously Easy - That’Salada Tea

Let’s face it, living healthy every day isn’t easy. It’s a never-ending struggle for sure, but you’re not alone. Salada is here to help! Our passion is in creating green tea blends that taste great and contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our smooth and invigorating green tea blends are a reminder that taking care of yourself doesn’t need to be a full-time job; it can be as mellow and refreshing as green tea itself. So, pour yourself a cup today and get moving!

Green Tea Recipes

Pineapple Green Tea

Pineapple Green Tea

Our home brewed Pineapple Green Tea recipe is crisp and sweet with a hint of citrus and pineapple to get you ready for the warmer weather ahead!
Cranberry Ginger Iced Green Tea

Cranberry Ginger Iced Green Tea

Our Cranberry Ginger Iced Green Tea recipe is refreshing and oh so easy to make! The fruity infusion and zing of ginger will definitely have you singing this tea's praises.
Warm Honey and Green Tea

Warm Honey and Green Tea

Our Warm Honey Green Tea recipe is loaded with flavor and full of antioxidants. This easy recipe is perfect for your next tea break!
This is my favorite Green Tea
delicious and healthy! – Edith
Love this Tea
My daughter and I both love this tea. It tastes delicious and the bags are convenient to carry in my purse. Can’t beat the health benefits either. – Mitsuko
My absolute favorite green tea!
Always delicious especially with honey and lemon— iced or hot, it doesn't matter! – Chery
It’s like drinking a cup of meditation
I drink this tea, hot, cold and every place in-between! It’s like drinking a cup of meditation. – Mary
I haven’t had a bad Salada tea yet
The aroma will fill your entire house! I haven’t had a bad Salada tea yet. – Stacy

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