When Peter C. Larkin founded Salada Tea in 1892, tea was sold loose in chests and its character was wildly inconsistent. An innovator with an instinct for the needs of customers, Mr. Larkin developed a system of selling tea in foil packages to ensure a consistently high grade of tea that was easily shipped and sold. The result was North America’s first packaged tea, a revolution in the way tea was consumed. Salada continued its tradition of innovation when, in 1930, it bought the patent for the heat-sealed paper fiber tea bag, another new concept in tea production. We share Mr. Larkin’s standards of quality and accessibility, and are committed to providing customers with the newest, most convenient ways to enjoy tea. 


Over 300 employees come together to create the many diverse blends that comprise Salada’s line of teas. Our employees are just like our customers: devoted workers who take pride in the effort we make. We’re dedicated to giving our customers new ways to experience tea that make it easier to enjoy your favorite blends and do something healthy for yourself at the same time.


Salada tea is produced under license by the Harris Tea Company. Behind a great cup of tea is a complex process involving many talented people, years of nurturing, a wealth of technology & continuous innovation. The strength of Harris Tea comes from our extensive knowledge and skill with over 200 years combined tea procuring and blending experience. Harris Tea Company operates four state-of-the-art tea blending and packing plants located in Georgia, New Jersey, California, and the United Kingdom.