For centuries, tea has been prized as a medicinal drink among many Asian cultures. It is often said that you can go a day without food, but not a day without tea. Through time tested principles, Chinese medicine practitioners have valued tea as an aid to boosting metabolism, increasing alertness and more.

In recent years, green tea has received a lot of hype about being a traditional tonic for our wellbeing. Although modern scientific studies have not been able to substantiate many of the traditional health benefit claims, there still are several benefits of the ancient remedy that can be supported.

Drinking tea helps keep you hydrated by providing the essential H2O your body needs. Some green teas contain caffeine; a naturally occurring stimulant that causes our blood vessels to dilate, thereby increasing blood circulation to the brain. This effect will aid in boosting alertness. Not to mention, drinking a warm cup after a meal may also help break down your food faster!

Though we are still waiting on science to provide tangible evidence to support the many buzzed about health benefits of green tea, the ritual and enjoyment of it may have a powerful and everlasting effect on your body and soul.