5 Ways To Stay Active This Summer

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament: you know you should exercise, but you really don’t want to exercise? The fact of the matter is, we should always be active. The good news is it can also be fun! Here are five ways to stay active and healthy all summer long!

  1. Commercial break workout game

As we all know, nothing is worse than a rainy summer day. We found a way even watching TV with the family can be a workout! Pick an exercise like jumping jacks, squats, lunges, etc. Every time a commercial break comes on, see which family member can get the most reps in during that commercial break! Winner gets bragging rights and gets to pick the next show.

  1. Get outside (in a non-crowded place)

Summer is all about taking advantage of the sunshine. The sun helps your body produce vitamin D which is important for your bones, blood cells and immune system! Not to mention, being outside is so great for your mental health and is sure to boost your mood. Take a walk, a hike or even switch it up and do your favorite home workout outdoors!

  1. Have a dance party with your kids

Incase it’s been a while since you left it all on the dance floor, we want to remind you how great of a workout dancing is! Play freeze dance or just let loose to your favorite song and burn calories while you do it.

  1. Teach your kids all the games you used to play

It’s time to open the vault. Red Rover, Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag, we can’t forget about these classic games that made us. Turns out those games weren’t just hours of fun; they were hours of exercise! Remind me again... why did we stop?

  1. Go swimming

Swimming is the total body workout that everyone needs this summer. Nothing says summer like a day at the pool, beach, or lake. Maintain those social distance guidelines and swim your way to an active lifestyle!

May 18, 2020 — Consumer-Relations Team