What is horchata?

Horchata is a beverage to sip year-round that is especially good during the cold winter months. Horchata is a typical Spanish sweet drink that can be made with ground nuts, spices, and rice.

The first recipe found of horchata dates back to the 13th century in Valencia, Spain where it has since become a popular drink known as horchata de chufa.

Hundreds of years later, horchata has stayed a common drink and has grown in popularity across Latin American and the US. Originally made as a nut beverage in Spain, it evolved into a rice horchata in Mexico and is a common feature at Mexican restaurants and across Latin America.

The taste behind the horchata flavor

The Mexican horchata rice drink is a popular mix enjoyed today. Today’s Mexican drink favorite is a blend of rice, sugar, water, and spices. Traditional horchata is a sweet and creamy taste that is as flavorful as rice pudding. When adding nuts, an earthy tone is added to balance the sweet drink. Some favorite spices to add are our winter favorites, such as ground cinnamon and star anise.

Does horchata have dairy?

In true Salada fashion, we are adding our own twist on the mix. While the classic Mexican drink includes both evaporate milk and condensed milk, we recommend using black tea instead for this homemade horchata blend. Our vegan horchata recipe is dairy-free and when served warm ,is the perfect way to enjoy some warmth from inside this winter season!

Salada’s horchata mix ingredients

Serving size: 6

  • 3 cups water 
  • 3 cups brewed Salada Black Tea 
  • 1 cup uncooked white rice 
  • 1/2 cup chopped almonds 
  • A dash of ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup cane sugar 
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 
  • Garnish with 1 cinnamon stick, broken in half or into pieces and a star anise

Horchata recipe

  1. Rinse rice in a strainer and drain with water. Pour the rice into a bowl with 3 cups of water.
  2. Add chopped almonds and the cinnamon stick into the bowl. Mix and cover the bowl and allow mixture to sit in the fridge overnight. 
  3. Once you remove the mixture from the fridge, put it in the blender until smooth.
  4. Put your strainer over a large pitcher and filter out all the remaining texture until all that is left is liquid. You may have to repeat this process once or twice. 
  5. Add in 3 cups of brewed Salada Black Tea, sugar, and vanilla extract. Mix together, taste and add more sugar if desired.  
  6. Serve warm and enjoy! Drink it over ice if you want a treat in the summer too.

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    November 28, 2022 — Jade Alderson