Brewing Delight: A Delicious Green Tea Cake to Bake at Home

December 14, 2023
green tea cake

Embrace the joy of baking as you blend the earthy tones of matcha or steeped green tea with sweetness, inviting all to savor a slice of this innovative and health-conscious indulgence.

4 Refreshing Salada Tea Mocktails

August 03, 2023
tea mocktails
Discover the world of four Salada Tea mocktails! Elevate your beverage game with these refreshing, healthy, and flavor-packed creations perfect for any occasion.

Enjoy A Feel Good and Healthy Pomegranate Martini Mocktail This Holiday Season

December 15, 2022
pomegranate martini
We have a pomegranate cocktail recipe using our green tea, that is hydrating, tasty, and best of all, non-alcoholic.

How To Make a Deliciously Good Vegan Horchata with Black Tea

November 28, 2022
horchata, vegan horchata
Horchata is a classic Mexican drink made with rice, almonds, and cinnamon. This delicious drink is perfect served warm for the winter and over ice in the summer. In true Salada fashion, we are adding our own twist.

A Quick and Easy Green Tea Ice Cream to Make At Home

August 16, 2022
green tea ice cream, matcha green tea ice cream
Matcha green tea ice cream has a delicious earthy and slightly bitter taste to it that makes its flavor one of a kind. While most green tea ice cream recipes call for matcha powder, you can also make it at home using Salada Matcha Green Tea Blend tea bags with this easy no-churn ice cream recipe.

How To Make Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

June 24, 2022
iced peach green tea, iced peach green tea lemonade recipe
Summer is finally here and it’s important to fit in some time for relaxation. During this time of year, we get to enjoy extra time with our family and friends whether it is taking some time off for a staycation, traveling, enjoying celebrations, or simply having people over for a meal outside.

Green Tea Shot

April 05, 2021
Green Tea Shot
When life gets busy, you may be looking for more straightforward ways to improve your health. Starting by making small changes to your daily habits is an excellent way to boost your health and well-being. One simple but effective change that you can make is to start drinking green tea. 

Slow Cooker Fall Spice Tea

September 21, 2020
Slow Cooker Fall Spice Tea
This isn’t just the most delicious tea you’ll have all fall, but it also fills your home with the warm scent of Autumn for hours! No drink will get you in the fall spirit quite like this one. Did we mention it’s only three easy steps?

Easy Green Tea Popsicles

June 24, 2020
Easy Green Tea Popsicles
Our green tea popsicles are the perfect treat for those hot summer days.

Peach & White Tea Smoothie

June 12, 2020
Peach & White Tea Smoothie
Nothing says sweet summertime like a fresh juicy peach! This delicious smoothie made with peaches and yogurt will be your new summer favorite!